We have instituted the following policies to make our nursery as 'green' as possible:

  • We recycle as much of our packaging materials as possible.
  • We compost and reuse all the organic debris we produce.​
  • We collect and reuse the majority of our irrigation water.​​
  • As a service to our customers and to do our part to help to make our industry even more 'GREEN", we have implemented a service called the Credit for Pots Program.  We offer credits on both pots and trays that are from OUR nursery only.  Pots and trays should be counted, stacked and bundled.  We will schedule pickup runs twice per year and will issue a credit memo at time of pickup.  Credit will be applied to your account and must be used within one year.  No cash will be given for pots or trays.  Credit for our pots will be $.04 per pot. Credit for our trays will be $.12 per tray. These prices are subject to change at our discretion.