First off we would like to say that working in the horticultural industry has allowed us to work with and learn from some wonderful people.  We'd like to take this opportunity to thank the many, many people who helped us over the years, with special thanks going to Case, Victor and Dick Hoogendoorn and Doug Chapman of Plantworks Nursery.


John and Rea Saraphis are the owners of Cedarview Farm Nursery.  John started his career in the nursery business in 1973, as a summer employee at Hoogendoorn Nursery, a much respected propagator and grower of field-grown woody ornamentals.  He fell in love with the work and the lifestyle and began to have a dream to one day own and run his own propagation nursery.  (This started some people questioning his sanity!)​

Then he met Rea and fell in love with her too.  They married and lived happily ever after....oops, sorry.

To continue our story, the economy in New England in the late 70's got a bit difficult so we moved to North Carolina in 1979 and John began contract growing for a wholesale/retail bedding plant producer while also starting a landscape/grounds maintenance company to provide cash flow.  After 20 very successful years providing those services to large corporate clients in RTP, NC, we sold the maintenance company, finished up the outstanding landscape work and decided to finally make John's 'real' dream come true.  (Thus raising that question of his sanity, once again!)

Rea's years working for other businesses as an executive secretary and bookkeeper dovetailed nicely with John's more practical plant knowledge.  We have now worked side-by-side for 34 years!  Rea handles all the office work, bookkeeping, sales, m arketing, and technical issues.  John does all the propagation, re-potting, weeding, spraying, construction, delivery, vehicle maintenance etc. etc. etc.  (Are YOU beginning to question his sanity now, too?)

When we aren't working in the nursery, we have four dogs and two cats that we took in as strays.  We are finally almost finished building our house, which as been a work-in-progress for twenty years.  Last year (2015), Rea's parents, who are in their 80's and somewhat infirm, came to live with us, bringing their four dogs and another cat!  We now have a full house again.  In what little time is left, John does woodworking and Rea does fiber arts.  Whew!  (All this proves that not only were people right to question John's sanity, they ought to start questioning Rea's too!)

On a serious note, over these past forty years, the good Lord has blessed us with the opportunity to raise and home school our wonderful daughter, to be part of a large, loving family and to have some very special friends in our lives.  He has also provided the wherewithal that has allowed us to care for and experience the love of the many stray dogs, cats and horses He brought into our lives. Lastly, we have also been blessed with good health and surprisingly, we do still have our sanity!